Security Posture

When busy IT teams are caught up in the process of completing cloud deployments, with so much going on it is often easy to just accept the ‘default’ option for your configuration: especially for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 where there are multiple security controls to consider.

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Although we might think we will come back and update the configuration later, in reality this usually doesn’t happen. This can be an issue, because ‘default’ doesn’t always mean ‘fully protected’. It is worth taking the time to configure the optimal settings for your business needs, to ensure you are best protected from cyber-attacks and have mitigated all vulnerabilities.

Transparity take a comprehensive and holistic view to strengthening your security posture by closely assessing your people, devices, processes and technology to identify security weaknesses and misconfiguration. Then, we develop a plan to minimise and prevent them.

Take advantage of our predeveloped proactive hardening packages covering various security threats such as ransomware prevention and cryptography hardening to improve your posture quickly, across diverse technologies including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, On-Premises, Hybrid workloads, and third party clouds.

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