Penetration testing sets out to ‘stress test’ the effectiveness of a system’s IT security by attempting to breach some or all of that system, using the same methods typically employed by cybercriminals. It is an important process in maintaining a strong and successful security posture in your organisation.

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The testing itself should be carried out at regular intervals by an external, independent third-party provider, based on an agreed scope and approach. The provider can then validate your organisation’s existing security and hopefully give you the reassurance that you are well protected from potential threats and attacks.

Transparity can offer these services to you in a structured format, together with an independent penetration testing partner. First, we gather information about your organisation’s infrastructure, security controls and posture, which we use to define the type of test required to reveal the insights you need. Then, we carefully define the scope and goals of the test. For example, what do you want it to achieve? Which areas are off-limits? What is the expected outcome? And so on.

Once completed, we take time to review the test results of the test and create a remediation plan to correct any flaws or risks identified, ensuring you are stronger going forward.

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