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Aging or legacy IT security tools, processes or frameworks can leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Even when they seem to work well enough, they are often only reactive rather than proactive when it comes to preventing and mitigating threats.

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Do you need to replace or update your IT to better protect your organisation – but feel unsure exactly how to move from your current security product to another without compromising your safety? Alternatively, are you simply looking to enhance your security from being reactive to becoming more proactive in nature?

For example, you might be wondering about replacing Splunk with Microsoft Sentinel… or refreshing your aging Endpoint Protection (EPP) with the more capable Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (EDR). With working habits constantly changing, you may feel that now is the right time to expand your scope for Microsoft Defender for Office 365, to protect your Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive environments as well as email.

These are all common dilemmas – and our team is ready to help you solve them. We can work with you all the way through the process, from initial presales engagement through design and planning to implementation, while always following security best practices. What’s more, we offer bespoke workshops and training to smooth your migration or transition and ensure everything happens seamlessly.

It is worth double-checking to see if you are licensed for various Microsoft and third-party security products. We’ll review and assess your licensing and where necessary, help you consolidate into one integrated set of tools. Consolidating these licenses can save you money, time and better protect your environment, as Microsoft’s security tools integrate securely and avoid common vulnerabilities associated with mixing third party vendor tools.

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