Microsoft Defender
for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) provides advanced endpoint security that helps organisations detect, prevent and respond to sophisticated threats, including “living off the land” attacks.

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Using a series of behavioural sensors embedded in the operating system, it collects and processes signals to check and assess your security status – and alert you when something isn’t right.

Transparity’s specialist security team can deploy and configure Defender for Endpoint using internally developed automation to ensure it works the best way for your business and delivers maximum return on your IT investment.

Using our secure by design blueprint, and performing a readiness check we ensure your deployment of Defender for Endpoint is configured to your business requirements and aligns with best practice.

Working with you to understand your requirements, we’ll configure the Defender for Endpoint management plane along with the required policies needed to safeguard your various devices.

All activity will be summarised in a report, together with a detailed handover for your team so you are fully aware of what has been carried out and for any maintenance required going forward.

Managed Defender for Endpoint

Defender for Endpoint is an exceptional tool for keeping endpoints secure, but it requires significant management to be optimally effective. Our managed Defender for Endpoint service takes care of the maintenance of the tool, keeping it up to date and reporting events and threats to you as needed.

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