Security Awareness

A productive, efficient organisation demands a robust security strategy – as well as a competent IT team to maintain and update it. But employees themselves also have a critical role to play. So much so, that they can make or break their company’s security based on the way they behave at work.

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One of the best ways to promote employee best practice in this area, is by sharing regular, relevant security training and awareness programmes. Not only will this encourage good habits, but it will also make everyone appreciate their responsibilities and improve their vigilance when it comes to protecting valuable technology assets.

As dedicated IT security experts, Transparity can provide the insights and advice your workforce needs to improve its approach to protecting your business.

Our training syllabus includes a high-level overview of the most common security threats an employee may encounter during their working lives. It is delivered biannually as standard, or more frequently if required, and supported by a detailed document that can be distributed or hosted on your company intranet.

All training is continually reviewed and updated by our internal security researchers as new threats are found, to ensure you always receive the very latest knowledge and innovation. We can also focus on specific topics or provide more in-depth training by request.

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