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As Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, Microsoft Sentinel delivers an overview of your security posture using enriched signalling and telemetry data from relevant IT resources across your technology estate.

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By applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to this information, it compares and correlates security events and alerts from these various sources and products to create an accurate summary of all incidents across your IT infrastructure.

However, Microsoft Sentinel isn’t just an activate and forget service.  It requires a tremendous amount of configuration and ongoing tuning to get the best out of it. This often requires in-depth technical and security knowledge.

As part of Transparity’s Managed Microsoft Sentinel service, we solve these issues by performing first time configuration and continuous optimisation thereafter.  We’ll then monitor your Microsoft Sentinel environment on an ongoing basis and resolve issues with the platform. Through guided remediation with pre-allocated resolution time, we provide the detail on what needs to be done to resolve security alerts and can help with those most critical to your organisation.

We believe that Perimeter Defence models for your IT infrastructure are no longer sufficient, and consider the requirement for a traditional, reactive Security Operations Centre to be the bare minimum for your organisation’s security needs. That’s why our SOC is built on the principal of Zero-Trust:

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Explicit verification

(never trust, always verify)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Least Privilege

(provide only the access required,
and only for the duration needed)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Assume Breach

(always assume users or systems will fail)

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Microsoft Sentinel workshop

Register for a complimentary Microsoft Sentinel workshop, tailored to fit your organisation’s needs. One of our security experts will discuss with you how Sentinel could be used to monitor your environment, identifying and alerting you to any incidents 24/7. We’ll discuss the benefits, how to prioritise and mitigate potential threats and next steps based on your unique objectives.