Managed Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 protects your organisation and employees against various threats to their email messages, URL links and collaboration tools. Because every business uses Microsoft 365 in different ways and to satisfy different needs, you can also define your own policies and processes for threat protection. Everything is reviewed and updated regularly to stay up to date with new threats as they emerge.

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Transparity’s managed Microsoft Defender for Office 365 service makes it easier and less time-consuming for you to stay on top of your cloud security. By aligning with our Secure by Design Blueprint, we ensure consistent best practices and protection throughout the configuration, maintenance, and ongoing operation of Defender for Office 365.

We automatically send any ‘high severity’ security alerts to our Transparity Security Operations Centre for immediate triage, assessment, and guided remediation. All other ‘less severe’ alerts are shared with your own internal IT Operations team.

We believe that Perimeter Defence models for your IT infrastructure are no longer sufficient, and consider the requirement for a traditional, reactive Security Operations Centre to be the bare minimum for your organisation’s security needs. That’s why our SOC is built on the principal of Zero-Trust:

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Explicit verification

(never trust, always verify)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Least Privilege

(provide only the access required,
and only for the duration needed)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Assume Breach

(always assume users or systems will fail)

All activities are summarised in a dedicated monthly managed security services report tailored specifically for you and presented by your Transparity Service Delivery Manager.

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Defender for Microsoft 365 Workshop

Sign up for a Defender for Microsoft 365 workshop to understand how the tool could be applied to your 365 setup. One of our security experts will discuss with you how Defender for Microsoft 365 can be used to defend your organisation from threats from emails, links and collaboration tools. We’ll discuss the benefits and next steps tailored to your needs and environment.