Managed Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) provides advanced endpoint security that helps organisations detect, prevent and respond to sophisticated threats, including “living off the land” attacks. Using a series of behavioural sensors embedded in the operating system, it collects and processes signals to check and assess your security status – and alert you when something isn’t right.

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Microsoft protects endpoints through a combination of prevention, detection, and auto-remediation and has been named a security leader in The Forrester Wave 2022 Enterprise Detection and Response report.

By taking advantage of big-data, device-learning, and unique Microsoft optics, cloud products like Microsoft 365, Azure and other online services, MDE provides accurate behavioural insights and clear recommendations for how you should manage threats – before they disrupt your operations.

Transparity’s managed MDE service makes it easier and less time-consuming for you to stay on top of your cloud security. By aligning with our Secure by Design Blueprint, we ensure consistent best practices and protection throughout the configuration, maintenance, and ongoing operation of Defender for Endpoint.

We automatically send any ‘high severity’ security alerts to our Transparity Security Operations Centre for immediate triage, assessment, and guided remediation. All other ‘less severe’ alerts are shared with your own internal IT Operations team.

We believe that Perimeter Defence models for your IT infrastructure are no longer sufficient, and consider the requirement for a traditional, reactive Security Operations Centre to be the bare minimum for your organisation’s security needs. That’s why our SOC is built on the principal of Zero-Trust:

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber
Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Explicit Verification

(never trust, always verify)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Least Privilege

(provide only the access required,
and only for the duration needed)

Managed Security | Transparity Cyber

Assume Breach

(always assume users or systems will fail)

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Workshop

Book a Managed Defender for Endpoint workshop with one of our security experts for personalised guidance on how to keep your company and user-owned devices secure. We’ll take a deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices in your organisation, showing you the best ways to manage endpoints at the enterprise level. We’ll also explain how to protect your authorised users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage access while still giving users the freedom to collaborate with others.