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24×7 Fully Managed Security Service

Cybercrime is on the rise and every organisation is a potential target. Take control of your cybersecurity with 24x7x365 proactive protection. 

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Proactive protection around the clock 

Cybercriminals don’t take a day off, so neither do we. Our Security Incident and Response Team monitor your environment around the clock armed with the latest threat intelligence to keep you protected every minute of every day. We have teams in the UK and New Zealand to provide true follow the sun support. 

Our team acts as an extension of yours, working to keep your environment protected and acting on threats quickly and decisively. 

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Security posture stronger by the day

A ‘set and forget’ approach isn’t good enough. The world of security threats moves quickly, and your security posture needs to stay steps ahead. We’ve developed our Secure by Design blueprint to remain at the forefront of the latest threat intelligence and continually evolve as new threats emerge. We align your environment to our evergreen blueprint and continually assess and adjust it to make your security posture stronger every day. 

Leading edge technology 

We use the best security technology on the market. We use Microsoft’s extensive security suite supplemented with third-party technology as needed for a market leading solution. Microsoft’s suite is designed to integrate seamlessly together, avoiding the common vulnerabilities of configuring various third-party vendor tools together. We use the latest AI, Machine Learning and Microsoft Graph Security API to remain at the cutting edge of threat protection, detection, and response. This way, we ensure there are no gaps for cybercriminals to get through. 

Stay in control with transparent reporting

We’ll never keep you in the dark about your security. We’ll keep you informed about any threats or incidents detected and any actions taken. You’ll have access to our security experts around the clock, as well as a monthly in-depth report to clearly show any security incidents, any activity like posture improvements and blueprint realignments and your ongoing secure score compared to the previous months. So, you and your team never need to question what our service is delivering. 

Stay in control of your security

65% of organisations haven’t implemented Zero Trust 

Explicit Verification

Never trust, always verify

Least Privilege

Provide only the access required,
and only for the duration needed.

Assume Breach

Always assume users or systems will fail.

Managed security workshop and consultation

Register for a complimentary Managed Security workshop, tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. One of our security experts will discuss with you how to create and maintain an excellent security posture, leaving you with a modern and ultra-secure infrastructure. With elite accreditations in Cloud Security – Microsoft Advanced Specialisations in Threat Protection, and Identity and Access Management, we have the expertise to keep you secure.

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