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Introducing Transparity Cyber

Published On: April 7, 2022|By |

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Transparity Cyber, a dedicated Microsoft pureplay 24/7 SOC, MISA member and part of the Transparity Group. Born out of an increasingly hostile cybersecurity landscape, Transparity Cyber is committed to providing cutting edge security services utilising Microsoft’s leading security technologies.

Cyberattacks are on the rise and becoming faster, more sophisticated, and more expensive for businesses than ever. Breaches can cause significant long-term damage to an organisation’s reputation, eroding customers’ trust and hindering its growth. With an average of over 40,000 cases every month in the UK, every organisation needs robust security infrastructure to defend themselves from the growing threat.

The Transparity Cyber philosophy is rooted in the principles of Zero Trust and takes a proactive approach to eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent breaches before they happen, rather than reacting when it’s too late. We work to continually strengthen your security posture in line with our in-house blueprints based on the latest threat intelligence and best practice guidance from the leading security institutes and organisations.

Our security experts have over 25 years’ experience and each hold a range of specialised Microsoft security accreditations, so you can be confident that they have the experience and training to keep your environment secure.

The Transparity Group is a family made up of specialised members committed to outstanding service and expertise across Microsoft 365, Azure infrastructure and app development, SharePoint, Power Platform and Teams. With our unique culture consistent throughout the family, we work together in coordination across disciplines to provide the best in Microsoft Cloud technologies.

The Transparity Group is home to some of the most skilled cloud experts with decades of combined experience. We’re proud to hold 16 Microsoft Gold Partner accreditations, Expert MSP status and 10 Advanced Specialisations.

At Transparity Cyber we uphold this standard of excellence every day. In addition to our Microsoft Gold Security accreditation, we are a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and adhere to a number of elite standards, giving you confidence that you are working with a security partner who strives to be the very best.

“The last few years has seen significant investment from Transparity in our security team and systems, and it is time we put ourselves visibly on the map as an enterprise security business. To that extent, I’m thrilled to announce today the launch of Transparity Cyber as part of the continued growth of the Transparity family. Our incredible team of security experts show unparalleled commitment to the security and welfare of our customers and this new brand reflects their unwavering focus, united by our exceptional company culture and dedication to Microsoft’s industry-leading technologies.”

David Jobbins, CEO at Transparity Group

“I have had the honour and privilege to stand up our managed security service from scratch with no compromises, using Microsoft’s best-of-breed security tooling to deliver the gold standard in security for our customers. By leading with our zero trust, proactive approach to security, which is delivered by our highly experienced security engineers, you can rest assured your organisation’s cyber-security is in good hands.”

Shawn Wilkin, Head of Security at Transparity Group

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