Identity and Access:

The new frontier

The emerging threats targeting identity and access, and how to defend your environment in an age of hybrid work.


50 million password attacks detected by Azure Active Directory every day

When they happen, cybersecurity breaches are not only disruptive: they can be extremely dangerous for everyone involved. It’s therefore imperative to foster a company-wide, consistent culture of vigilance and proactivity when it comes to protecting data, assets and people.

Managing identities and access is a key element of this security strategy. ‘Identity’ itself is a broad term, and can represent people, services, or IoT devices. From an IT security perspective, when a particular identity tries to access something, it has to pass through a strict, pre-prepared verification process with strong authentication, which checks that it is legal, compliant and behaving in a typical, expected way. This sounds logical enough – but it’s surprising how many organisations do not have it sufficiently in place.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

The importance of identity and access management (IAM) to your security

The core principles of identity and access management and what you need to know to implement secure access

How to improve your security today, with key steps to take and the technology you need

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