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In the event of a cyber attack, you need to know you’ve got the right people on your side. Our 24/7 Incident Response Service is designed to identify, contain and eject attackers quickly, to get you back on your feet 

To contain the scope of an attack, your response needs to be fast with the best tools and expertise at your disposal. But what if your internal team can’t cope in the event of a breach?

Our team is here to help, with around the clock response and the expertise you need to get back online securely.

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Incident Response Subscription

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With our Incident Response Service Subscription you get the support of our security experts on hand when you need them. Stay informed about your security posture with regular check-ins and reviews year-round. Plus, if the worst does happen, we’re ready to spring into action with a detailed incident response plan tailored to your environment.


We’re here when you need us, day and night.

Accelerated response

We’ll work with you to make a plan so we can hit the ground running in the event of a breach.

Major Incident Allowance

In case the worst happens, we’ll respond and remediate to get you back on your feet.


So you know where you stand.

Security Management Portal

One pane of glass for your security stats.

Service Management & Quarterly Service Review

So you know where to turn and what’s next.

Emergency response: How it works

Security Management Portal 

Get 24/7 access to your real-time secure score through one simple pane of glass. Pulling together your Microsoft 365 and Azure data to give you a clear picture of your security status so you can plan your defence and improve your posture. 

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Why choose Transparity Cyber for incident response 

Continuous Improvement

We’re always striving to make what we do, better. With insights from our customers and our industry-leading experts, things don’t stand still around here.

Cloud-Native Approach

We’re at home in the cloud, and we work hard to bring you the benefits of cloud-native technology, optimised for the way you do things.

Best Practice Blueprint

Combining Microsoft
’s high standards with industry best practice and our own experience, our blueprints are unmatched and always evolving.


ur culture is our greatest superpower. We foster an inclusive and productive environment that delivers the very best for our customers & retains the industry’s top talent.

Cloud Native Technology

As a cloud first company we embrace Microsoft cloud technology in all we do. We’re the cloud experts you need on your side.

Ongoing Visibility

We take the opaque and make it transparent. One of our guiding principles is ensuring our customers are always clear on all the details, with expert guidance on hand when they need it.

Black Belt Leadership

We’re all about excellence, not just by providing the highest level of technical skill but also by guiding clients to get the most out of their cloud to propel their business forward.

Proactive Management
There’s no set it and forget it with us. We’re always looking for ways to improve our clients’ cloud environments for better experience, performance and results.

Automate First Approach

Our philosophy; standardise once, repeat many times. We cut inefficiencies by enabling automation wherever we can, so actions are faster, and the risk of error is reduced. 

We see every relationship as a partnership. Whether you need a helping hand or support on a big project, we work with you to make sure you’re getting the outcomes you need. 

Incident Response FAQs

A security incident is an event that means an organisation’s data or systems have been breached or the measures in place to protect them have failed. An event is anything that’s significant enough to have disrupted your normal operations and can range from low to high severity. 

Attackers can improve their chances of success by attacking at a time you’re least likely to detect a breach. Typically, attackers will have conducted research on their targets and be aware of your typical operating hours, choosing to attack out of hours. Without a 24/7 SOC on your side, it’s easy for an attack to evade detection for days.  

Incident response allows organisations to plan for a security incident, laying out how they can best respond, contain the attack and get their systems back online. Ultimately the aim of incident response is to limit the damage and disruption an attack can cause after it has begun. 

In the event of an attack or security incident, the most important thing is to stay calm and follow the incident response plan. You want security experts on your side at times like these, so a plan for who to call in is also vital. 

An incident response plan takes the guessing out of responding to a security incident. By planning for various scenarios, assigning responsibilities and enlisting outside support, you have the best chances of successfully managing an attack and minimising the impact. 

You should plan for a range of scenarios including different types of attacks and different staffing levels. For example, what’s the plan if an attack happens over a bank holiday weekend or Christmas break? 

Your plan should include; 

  • Who is responsible for which response tasks  
  • An outline of internal procedures and when to escalate  
  • Which resources and documents need to be secured as a priority 
  • A process for nofifying others of the breach, both technical resources and company-wide communications 
  • When and how often this plan should be reviewed and tested 

Once an attacker is ejected from your environment, they’ll fight harder than ever to regain control. By the time they’ve breached your environment it’s likely that they’ve spent significant time and resources planning and researching their attack – so they won’t give up easily. Once they’ve been removed it’s vital that you’re prepared with the experts you need to keep them out for good. 

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